The Two Main Rules of Carb Cycling diet

  • On gym days and intense workout days, eat starch based carbohydrates, fruits, proteins and vegetables along with healthy fats.
  • On rest days and days of cardio do not eat any starchy carbs. Eat only protein, veggies, healthy fats and a little bit of fruit.Women’s Dresses in San Jose

That’s all there is to carb cycling. You just need to remember to eat the same amount of protein, fats and vegetables throughout the week and restrict carbs totally on cardio and rest days. If you go out to dine where there is a chance of eating a lot of carbs make sure your workout falls on that day.

Typical Carb Cycling Week

  • Tuesdays: Thursday: Saturday & Sunday: Rest day: Low carb intake

Always eat good carbohydrates like: Sweet potato, Quinoa, Brown rice, Whole grain bread, Whole wheat pasta and oatmeal. Avoid bad carbs such as Pizzas, cakes, muffins, white bread, pastries and cereal. For snacks consume items like baby carrots and bananas.Women’s Dresses in San Diego

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