Medicine Ball – Lat Pull-Ins

The hardest of these four core exercises for pull up strength placing strain on the core and lats. You need to balance with your transverse abs that helps you maintain a strong frame for pull ups. Remember to keep your core braces and flex your shoulders while pulling yourself back towards the ball. Shoulders and wrists should be aligned. Perform 15 reps.Women’s Dresses in Dallas

  1. Army Crawls

Stretch your arms in fort of you. With your abs braced pull yourself inwards and forwards using your lats. Now repeat the motion moving forward. This will also be the same initiated during a pull up. Repeat 15 reps.

The main reason for a strong functional core is crucial to posture, mobility, strength, flexibility and balance. A strong core will help you improve your pull up work outs and also maintain the proper posture. These four core exercises for women to perform improved pull ups are targeted at those women without the means to frequent a gym everyday. These can also be performed at home.Women’s Dresses in Columbus

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