If a you are not getting a proper sleep there are chances that you may be aging faster than you should be, in addition to not feeling well and confusing. You feel sick and irritated at little things moreover, you are unable to think properly or make decisions. This happens due to a lot of stress or over thinking or when sleeping late becomes your habit.Women’s Dresses in New York

If you can’t help yourself to sleep enough , Yoga can help you fore sure. Regular yoga practice have proved to cure several health related problems. Yoga helps unwind the stress at the end of the day and get better sleep at night.Women’s Dresses in Los Angeles

Following are some of the Yoga poses that’ll make you have a proper and better sleep :-

  • Utthan Pristhasana :

Do this for 1 minute. 10-15 breaths each side. From ADHO MUKHA SVANASANA , which can understood as downward facing dog pose. Bring your left foot forward between your hands and lower your right knee to the floor . Walk your left foot to the outer edge of your mat and place your elbows on a block or the floor. Repeat practice on the second side.

  • Salabhasana :

Also known as Locust pose. Do this exercise for 1 minute. Taking 10-15 breaths. Inhale to plank pose and lower to your belly. Clasp you hands behind your back.  Exhale and root the tops of your feet into the floor, inhale as you lift your chest and arms. Gaze forward. To come out of the pose release you hand and exhale pushing back to downward facing dog.Women’s Dresses in Chicago

  • Uttanasana :

Practice this exercise for 1 minute. (10-15 breaths ). Walk your feet to your hands. With feet hip-width apart and a slight bend in the knees, hold your elbows. Exhale and lengthen down through the crown of your head. To come up, release your arms , root through your feet and slowly rise.